Synergy Sports named Fast Company "top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports"

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Fast Company has named Synergy Sports to
its annual list of the world’s most innovative
companies for turning the NBA and its scouts
onto the power of real-time video...

Coaches Insist on Synergy for the Win
Grab clips on the fly; email video to players; collaborate
with staff online. NBA stats and NCAA stats are linked to
on-demand video clips, mind-blowing details and endless
sorting functions.

Team Workflow for the Digital Age
Create custom edits from any computer with the click of a
mouse.  Email edits or send clips to your player’s iPads.
Collaborate with your staff “in the cloud” to build winning edits
with Synergy’s NET Editor.

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Synergy Takes the Lead

• Cuts and catalogs every possession of every
  game logged
• Used by every NBA team, over 300 Division-1
  schools and international teams everywhere
• Extreme coaching-level detail on offensive and
  defensive performance
• In-depth stats and analytics with direct links to
  video matching any stat in any category
• Save clips with 1 click to create custom edits
  on the fly
• Collaborate with your staff on edits “in the cloud” -
  work together from anywhere
• Send video to your player’s iPads, email
  edits anywhere
• Interactive shot chart gives you full control over
  shots displayed
• Drive direction and post moves charts provide
  visual cues to player’s strengths and weaknesses

• Answer questions such as “who is my best
  clutch shooter on the road in games decided
  by 5 or less points in the final minutes of the
  game” using Synergy’s Filtration analytics
• Step into the future - NET Editor accelerates
  workflow with automated edits and
  online/offline capabilities for ultimate
  speed and flexibility
• Very affordable - NET Editor now used by
  hundreds of Synergy clients - why wait?
• Mac or PC compatible
• No support or maintenance fees ever

Synergy Sports Tech | NBA Stats | NCAA Stats